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Couldn’t put you back together.

Couldn’t put you back together.

Feels like saying goodbye.

Feels like saying goodbye.

been a long time since i’ve drawn oh lord

been a long time since i’ve drawn oh lord


Terror in Tokyo - new tv series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope, Space Dandy).
Music : Yoko Kanno
Character-design : Kazuto Nakazawa
Studio : MAPPA
Trailer : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1ioyu0

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I finally hit 1000 followers after 2 years of lurking around on Tumblr! This is an unbelievable achievement for a lowly loser like me so THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my stupid blog and sitting through all my dumb text posts and whatnot =3=

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  • 2 SETS of adorable alpaca sticky notes! Perfect for sticking as bookmarks or reminder tabs in your planner.


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If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll be selecting a new winner. And if you win, please tell me which prize you’d like!

Again, thanks so much for all your support! I LOVE ALMOST ALL OF YOU


He came to dance.

Misha Ge of Uzbekistan, Men’s Free Skating Final, Sochi 2014.

This just in:

People on the internet would rather continue to be hypocrites then admit they were wrong; more at 5.


Just a reminder, since this morning has been particularly trying.

Please don’t be an ass just because you can.  Think about what you’re saying before you hit send.  There’s a human being on the receiving end of that nasty message.  How would you feel if you got the message you’re about to send?  Angry, hurt, frustrated or disappointed?  It’s easy to say you’d laugh it off, it’s a lot harder to actually do it.

If you wouldn’t wanna get that message or comment, don’t send it.  Simple.

Agreed with nocakeno, perhaps you should practice what you preach. People have different circumstances, and unless you are physic (I know you aren’t), you don’t know a single thing about the person on the other end that you so viciously responded to. You don’t know how hard of a decision it was to give a pet away, or how difficult their situation is to warrant it. Not everyone has the luxury of “doing everything possible” - not everyone has a safety net. Someone giving up a pet to a shelter because they cannot provide for it (a big part of which is shelter) doesn’t mean they are doing so because it is “inconvenient”.

I hope you can see just how hurtful your words were when you look back at them. If you still stand by your nasty reply (seriously, “fuck you very much”?) I pity you.


This Is What Happens When You Make Too Good Of A Plastic Bottle.


Apparently, the Tiger & Bunny series had a range of muscular bottles merchandises as shown in the top image. And what happens if you rip away all the outer packaging (aka the clothes) and fill it with coffee-flavoured milk?

You actually do get a really sculpted and near perfect muscular body.


I’m actually more wow at the effort they took to actually make the mould of the plastic bottle so precise and sculpted. O.o

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