I said I’d be back when I had confirmation, and now that I have it, it’s time to announce the big news! Darjeeling Aesthetics is officially collaborating with Dolls & Party to bring you a one of a kind, exclusive one-off doll! I will be providing the makeup for a special little doll to be displayed at the convention. If you’re planning on traveling to Barcelona, Spain in July, please consider checking out this event! I probably won’t be able to go because I am but a young college student with no money for plane fare, but there will be plenty of talented artists and exhibitors at the convention! Please take a look at their Facebook page for more information. :)

In other big news, I’ve hit over 200 likes on Facebook and over 300 followers (almost 400 now!) here on Tumblr. To thank you all for your support, I’m announcing a giveaway for a FREE June slot! The giveaway ends in one week (May 21, 11:59 PST) and I will announce the winner on May 22


  • Must be following this blog.
  • Likes and reblogs count, but only once each!
  • No giveaway blogs! I will be checking.
  • If you don’t respond within 24 hours I will be selecting a new winner.

Also, anyone who has a commission slot for May or June reserved is eligible to receive a free signed print from me! If your box is big enough I’ll enclose a 4x6 print of one of my drawings of my dolls. You can choose from Darjeeling (the witch), Polaire (the queen), or Lenoire (the youth). Let me know which one you’d like either when you place your order or when you pay, and I’ll sign and place your print in your package!

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Daydreaming about girls in white

Daydreaming about girls in white

No. 667

No. 667

some doodles to warm up, I like the way A looks, grey hair is so easy to color in

some doodles to warm up, I like the way A looks, grey hair is so easy to color in

Couldn’t put you back together.

Couldn’t put you back together.

Feels like saying goodbye.

Feels like saying goodbye.

been a long time since i’ve drawn oh lord

been a long time since i’ve drawn oh lord


I finally hit 1000 followers after 2 years of lurking around on Tumblr! This is an unbelievable achievement for a lowly loser like me so THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my stupid blog and sitting through all my dumb text posts and whatnot =3=

Anyway, it’s follower appreciation time! I’m doing a tiny giveaway for all of you folks who follow me and here’s the dealio:


  • 1 CUSTOM MADE sassy heart pin from my store! This means you get to tell me exactly what text you want on the pin and your choice of pink or blue for the pin color
  • 2 SETS of adorable alpaca sticky notes! Perfect for sticking as bookmarks or reminder tabs in your planner.
  • A quick single character sketch from me! Tell me what you want and I will do my best to doodle & color it. Don’t tell me what you want and I’ll just draw one of my OCs/dolls like I normally do. Click here if you’d like to see examples of my art. I’m probably not going to be able to do a full piece for you, though.


  • If you are a fan of BJDs or Monster Highs, you get a free faceup ticket from my faceup & customization shop, Darjeeling Aesthetics! You are guaranteed a slot even if my commissions list for the month is full!
  • 2 SETS of adorable alpaca sticky notes! Perfect for sticking as bookmarks or reminder tabs in your planner.


  • Must be following me on this blog or my faceup shop prior to this post. I don’t want people following me for the sake of getting free shit and then leaving. I hate that.
  • Only reblogs count. You can reblog as many times as you’d like, but it counts only once!
  • Winner will be selected at random on APRIL 17th (giveaway ends on the 16th at 11:59 PST)

If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll be selecting a new winner. And if you win, please tell me which prize you’d like!

Again, thanks so much for all your support! I LOVE ALMOST ALL OF YOU


Lifesize Magikarp! Made this back in December for my sister who’s favorite pokemon is Magikarp. Made entirely of minky and is mostly handsewn. The mouth extends all the way to the tail so that you can…? Put your entire arm inside? Hide things? …

Unsure of the completion time. I worked frantically though two nights while my sister was away at school! It was a holiday gift.

This one is mine! All mine! Muahahaha!


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